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Telegraph: UK Readies for Military Intervention in Europe!

I had thought we are in the middle of an economic war but things are apparently more serious. Great Britain makes preparations for a military intervention in Europe, should the economic crisis – see: the social unrest – get out of control.  Former Empire and hidden megalomaniac Great Britain will come to assist its European partners in need and therefore the British Armed Forces are getting ready to combat the uprising Europeans. Unbelievable?

In a report entitled “The Eurozone Crisis Poses Military Risk” UK Daily Telegraph quotes defence chief Gen. Sir David Richards  saying that “defence chiefs are drawing up plans to cope with the potential military fallout from the eurozone crisis.”

Looking ahead a possible collapse of the single EU currency would be followed by a completer breakdown of the social structure,  €uro-sceptists in UK, see as a challenge to come and aid their European partners.

Richards warned that economic issues pose a “strategic risk ” to Britain, “the biggest threat to Britain and its interests in the world.”

“I am clear that the single biggest strategic risk facing the UK today is economic rather than military,” Richards told the Royal United Services Institute, stressing that ” thriving economy must be the central ingredient in any UK Grand Strategy. This is why the eurozone crisis is of such huge importance not just to the City of London but rightly to the whole country and to military planners like me.”

He used his speech to raise questions about the ability of European economies to sustain their armed forces. He asked: “What impact will fiscal restraint and slow recovery have on European defence capabilities?’’

Gen Richards also noted that America, which is facing deep defence cuts, has said it will switch the focus of its main military effort from the Atlantic to the Pacific and south-east Asia.

That means “less emphasis on Europe and her problems,” he said. Gen Richards also accepted that Britain’s defence cuts carry risks, but insisted those risks were acceptable.

Daily Telegraph underlines, that “the military planning work has come to light after The Daily Telegraph disclosed last month that British embassies in the eurozone have been told to prepare emergency plans for the demise of the euro and the possible civil disorder that could follow.”

If I understand correctly, the good man says that now that the USA will focus less in Europe due to its own economic crisis, UK should take the upper hand and lead any military actions in Europe, should they ever occur.

Do not ask about the NATO’s role. That’s for external enemies.

I believe there should be immediately a survey among Greeks although a referendum would be much much better. The question would be “Who do they prefer: British Armed Forces or German Armed Economists?”

This article comes two days after the NYT published another horro scenario: Greece Abandons Euro, Returns to Drachma and Military Takes Over (!)

PS I would have never thought that economic crisis would hit a country’s best people right in the head and revive expansive ambitions depriving from a so-called “glorious” past. 

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  1. The authors analysis of the speech seems to be as good as the Greek governments ability to run it’s economy

  2. LOL

  3. Following the hypothetical scenario written by the NYT, we are now being subjected to typical sensationalistic Greek journalism which will only aggravate the situation for ‘foreigners’ living in Greece!

  4. This article reminds me of the article about a group of American historians creating the Ancient Greece connection in 1972.. Read on and laugh…. Note how they didn’t think anyone would notice since Greece is nothing more than a big gravel pit filled with cats???,18209/