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Daily Archives: January 13, 2012

Greek Gov’ Spokesman: Greece Plans Legislation To Force Bond Swaps

Greece plans to pass a law through the parliament that will force resistant Greek bond holders into an involuntary debt exchange, government spokesman Pantelis Kapsis said on Friday, while IIF chief Charles Dallara was holding talks with PM Papademos and FinMin Venizelos on the PSI. Speaking to private radio, Kapsis confirmed the …

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Talks Between Greece and IIF on PSI Suspended

The talks between Greece and the chief of Institute of International Finance Charles Dallara on the Greek Bond Swap (PSI) have been suspended and no solution was found. Despite some positive signs on the PSI progress during the day,  Charles Dallara said on Friday afternoon in a statement” We hope Greece will renegotiate …

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“Indignant” Greeks Return to Syntagma Sq on Jan 15/12

After months of silence “indignant Greeks” will return to Syntagma and occupy the Square opposite of the Greek Parliament. With the slogan “No, I Won’t Shut UP!” Greeks will take it back to the streets on Sunday, January 15th, 2012 at 6 pm. They will protest the economic and political stalemate in the …

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ToscaFund: Euro Exit Will Lead Greece to Zimbabwe-Style Inflation

Should Greece exit the euro zone the impact would “be more than catastrophic with Zimbabwe-style inflation, social unrests, banks run and a military coup.” This horror-scenario was scripted by Savvas Savouris, chief economist of  Tosca Fund, and was distributed to the clients of the London-based hedge fund. Introducing a new currency in Greece instantaneously …

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