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Olli Rehn: Greece’s Political Parties Need To Write Commitment For 2nd Bailout

Greek political parties need to provide clear commitments before a second bailout can be offered to the country, Olli Rehn, European Commissioner in charge of economic and monetary affairs, told reporters Tuesday.


O. Rehn Gazing at  the Greek Commitment

“The political party leaders are expected to commit to the second program of the Greek government together with the EU and the IMF,” Rehn said. “The talks have just started last week on a second program. They will last say one or two weeks still. It΄s better that we leave some room for the negotiations,” he added.

But Rehn reiterated that “it΄s clear and evident that we need clear commitments from all the political forces in Greece so that there is clear backing for the new program. That is a necessary precondition for a new Greek programme to succeed.”

Rehn was speaking at the end of a meeting of European Union finance ministers. Earlier, Greek finance minister Evangelos Venizelos and his Austrian counterpart Maria Fekter had also made similar remarks, with Venizelos saying the commitments from Greek political leaders would have to be in writing. (source)

PS They will also have to write down 100 times the sentence ” I will obey my lenders’ commands” and 150 times “Amen”. BTW Olli Rehn and his friends could wake up a nice morning to see that other political parties than those expected won the elections. Surprise! Surprise!

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