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Athens: Police Fired Tear Gas at High-School Students Rally (videos)

Several hundreds high-school students gathered outside the Greek Parliament at Friday noon to protest the conditions in the education and the general situation of the country due to the harsh austerity. The students were chanting slogans, holding banners and even had a sit-in protest. However, tension rose as they started to hurl oranges, bottles of waters, stones, small explosives (?) and several other objects against the riot policemen who were safeguarding the parliament.

Video: Tension outside the Parliament

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The police fired tear gas, and even chased students down to Monastiraki area, one kilometer away. One student was detained, one policeman was injured.

Video: Studention detention

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One hour later the situation had calmed down, but the students moved to Syntagma Square, right opposite of the parliament and new tension arose. The police detained two more students.

The protesters are high-school students from Ambelokipi, Gizi and Exarchia districts of Athens, and Chalandri, Cholargos suburbs in the North of the Greek capital.

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