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Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Greek Super-Market Chain Sets Pet-Food Donations Boxes For the Benefits of Strays

 This a new charity action for Greek local animal welfare organisations that struggle to cope with the economic crisis and an always increasing number of strays of abandoned pets. Supermarket “AB VASILOPOULOS” accepted to set pet food donations boxes at its branches so that animal lovers can donate food. For …

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Frustrated Pensioner Hurls Yogurt At FinMin Venizelos

Pensioner Yannis Lemonis is a member of socialist party PASOK. He had gone and took position as early as the doors for the National Convention of PASOK, that takes place in Faliro, suburb of Athens, a week before the elections for the new party leadership. In times of austerity and the Troika-Memorandums Lemonis …

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Anagnostakis: “Old Streets I Loved and Hated Endlessly…”

The previous post about Athenians and migrants searching for food in the garbage bins reminded me of this powerful poem by Greek existential poet Manolis Anagnostakis. It is called “Old Streets” (Δρόμοι Παλιοί). Pain and despair. And lost souls in the anonymity in a city that is dead… Anagnostakis may …

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Shock in Athens: People Find Food in Garbage Bins (video)

Fish eggs, rotten vegetables, cracked eggs, expired dairy products, a loaf of old bread… They pick everything they think they can eat from the big garbage bins standing outside super-markets and restaurants. They set aside their dignity and dig deep in the stinking bins to secure something to eat. A …

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PM Papademos “We Shouldn’t Miss This Opportunity”

Prime Minister Lucas Papademos addressed the nation on Friday night, after the successful completion of the Greek bond swap. In his usual understatement tone, Papademos spoke of a ‘historic opportunity” and urged that “we should not miss it”, “we should learn form the mistakes” and mentioned even the (small) investors who …

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