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Greek FinMin Venizelos Expected to Resign On Mar 19/12

Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos is expected to resign from his post the latest on Monday, March 19th 2012, one day after he would be elected the new leader for socialist party PASOK.  Although Venizelos did not specified whether he would resign on Sunday evening after the elections or on Monday, he told private broadcaster ALPHA TV that he “can not keep playing a double role. “If I and when I am the elected leader of the biggest party in the parliament, I must be devoted to this task”.

Venizelos added that he will have the task to lead the party to elections, but he refrained from making known when the early parliamentary elections will take place. Greek media suspect as the most possible dates April 29th or May 6th, 2012. The parliament is expected to close  on April 6th, a week before the Greek Orthodox Easter. Papademos government will continue until the elections as caretaker government.

The Greek Finance Minister did not revealed the name of his successor at the crucial ministerial post, however he stressed that all decisions have been taken. Some Greek media speculated that PM Lucas Papademos may undertake the post of Finance Minister until the elections.

“Yes, we are coming nearer to elections, we have 6-7 weeks ahead that we must use in the best possible way.”

PS Elections in 6-7 weeks? As a friend of mine, Maria, recently mentioned: “Greeks vote for the same people again and again, because of the repeated early elections and the short pre-elections campaign period, so that new candidates do not have time to get to know the problems of possible voters. Neither the voters get to know new people.” 

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