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Survey: 9 in 10 Greeks Unable to Buy Medicine Due to Economic Problems

Nine in ten Greeks have economic difficulties to buy their medication, while 70% say their income is not enough for the purchase of all the medicine they need. Furthermore, 59.5% did not proceed to labour tests as advised by their physicians due to economic problems. These grim results came into light after a survey conducted by the Family Medicine Department of the University of Patras. The survey was conducted in the rural areas of the Achaia prefecture, in Northern Peloponnese.

“Even chronic sick have short cut their medication due to economic problems” Giorgos Matzouranis, the man in charge of the survey, said during the 24th Pan-Hellenic Conference of General Medicine, where he also presented the survey results.

  90.6% of the respondents said that this year they have less possibility to purchase their medication. And 93.8% blamed the economic crisis for this.

Matzouranis said further that 90.3% of the respondents said that they have been cutting expenditure in basic needs like food, clothes, heating in the recent months in order to b able to purchase their medication. and that one-third of the chronic ill have asked their doctors to prescribe a cheaper drug.

Unfortunately the news media sources (Proto Thema, do not give details on the social status of the survey-respondents such as whether the respondents are insured or not, pensioners or not.

 However Greek Health Ministry launched quite some changes in the medication prescription procedures and also it took out of the official lists many drugs, with the effect that patients are forced to pay from their own pockets.

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  1. God forbid the health of Greeks may actually improve now they are not being over medicated and drugged up. But unfortunately the darker side to these statistics show why as things continue to deteriorate in Greece there is never likely to be an uprising against the fascist Government that is currently in control of Greece, because through the stress of the debt crisis, normal Greeks are resorting to pharmaceutical medication and being dumbed down rather then enlightened. Prescription sells of antidepressant drugs and anxiety drugs are the new cure for people’s worries about the world, in-effect intellectually shutting off their brain to being able to think critically. We the people of the world will have to look towards another country to start the ‘Viva La Revolution’ march to freedom. Perhaps Italy, Portugal or Spain can do a better job? They are next in the firing line.

  2. iaourti iaourtaki

    if they do that they will – for consumers pleasure – do that all together and one thing is for certain only people who are not that fast calling anybody fascist will participate.
    This activist also mentioned the use of drugs to keep the schedules: