Crete: Seen Caesar at Heraklion Airport?

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What a  bad luck! This cutie, Ceasar, was about to travel abroad for a new life, when an airport staff member opened his travel box and let him escape. The incident occurred in th evening of May 22, 2012 couple of days ago. So if you happen to be at the Heraklion airport and you see Caesar, please, inform the Mirtos Animal Protection in Crete. E-mail and tel +3165887314

 ” When you are at Heraklion airport pls look out for Ceasar. We do not know exactl…y what happened but our flight-escort got the message when she was in the plane that a staff member let him escape from the travelbox. Ceasar is born in February 2011, neutered, very friendly and not afraid of humans. When you see him contact Mirtos Animal Project on or Peter Erades. Please help us and share this message as much as possible. We are very worried about Ceasar. He was taken care of by Peter since he was six weeks, he is not used in living on the streets.”

most recent picture…

A volunteer of Mirtos offers a reward  of 150 euro for Caesar’s rescue 🙂

PS I hope the airport staff member will face some consequences…