Tsipras (SYRIZA): Scrap the Bailout Programme and Renegotiate it!

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Nationalization of banks, halting the privatization of state-run enterprises, partial or complete debt cancellation for indebted households, wealth confiscation for those making false tax declarations: Leader of left-wing SYRIZA and main challenger of conservative Nea Dimocratia at the June elections, Alexis Tsipras revealed the party’s programme.

” We introduce our programme, a  programme that does not request the Troika approval but the approval of the Greek people,” Tsipras said on Friday afternoon adding that “The memorandum [of Understanding] is the auto pilot to complete destruction.”

He declared as top priority of his [future] government “the cancellation of the Memorandum and its applicable laws” while he summarized  the dilemma of June 17 elections in the phrase “SYRIZA or Memorandum”. The Memorandum “can either be applied or cancelled” he said.

He rejected the prolongation of fiscal consolidation as a solution to economic problems the country and said SYRIZA will pursue “new debt rescheduling in order to drastically reduce it, or a moratorium on debt and suspending interest payments until conditions for stabilization and recovery are there.”

Some points of  SYRIZA economic programme are:

1) Replacement of MoU with National Recovery Plan

2) Unemployment benefit to be restored to 461 euro and to be prolonged for two years. Unemployment benefit also for self-employed.

3) Cancellation of MoU-imposed flexible work contracts.

4) Suspending payment of interest rates until stable conditions apply.

5) Cancellation of “emergency taxes” first of all for jobless

6) Rich to pay more 4% for the next 4 years.

7) Gradual decrease of V.A.T. and VAT minimization for food

8) Immediate decrease of VAT in tourism and catering

9) Freezing of privatizations of public organizations like telephone company OTE, railways TRAINOSE, water company EYTHAP, electric company PPC (DEI), the post office.

10) Immediate ‘freezing’ of cuts in social benefits, salaries and pensions

11) Nationalization of banks under ‘public and transparent control’.

To raise revenue to pay for such measures Tsipras plans to confiscate property from those who fail to pay taxes; sign a bilateral agreement with Switzerland on the taxation of savings of Greek citizens there; a radical reform of the tax system to redistribute wealth; and the introduction of a National Programmatic Agreement to raise taxes from ship owners and the maritime industry

Further he announced change of the elections law and cancellation of 50-seats bonus, change in the law protecting ministers, mutual agreements with neighboring countries for the markation of EEZ.

He stated that he will propose to Turkey to stop the armament race and to Skopje a FYROM- solution for the name issue.

To tell you the truth the programme is very thorough and I can’t trasnlate it here. Click For Labour Relations/Wages/Social State/Health Care,

PS Why do I think Lagarde, Merkel & Co would make concessions to Samaras in order to have him win? However, ND is far from forming an absolute majority government and potential pro-bailout partner socialist PASOK is going from bad to worse in the public opinion polls, with downwards tendency…