Crete: Child Faints Due to Malnutrition, Mother Steals Milk for her Children

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 The eight-year old boy had been eating just plain pasta cooked in pure water for the last days. That was the only meal the family could afford to offer its kids. The father without job, the mother working only a couple of days per month.

On Thursday noon, the boy collapsed in front of the eyes of his horrified mother. “I want some bread with marmalade” the boy told her, the next minute it was laying on the ground, local news portal CretePlus reports from Iraklio.

The boy was taken to the hospital and alarmed neighbour rushed to the family’s home to offer some food aid.

“I rushed to the market and bought for them food and meat, but that’s not the solution to their problem,” a neighbour said adding ” the heartless state must do something about these people.”

State NET TV correpsondent reported from the area that the family was in dire need of help, however the mother did not dare to ask for aid, because she was ashamed.

Another report from Crete says that police arrested a woman who stole milk from the supermarket after the S/M owner caught her  in action. The 32-year old mother told the police that she stole three bottles of milk and one ice-scream in order to give it to her two children aged 4 and 6.

” I was desperate, my children were hungry. I can’t watch my children in their eyes, I regret what I did so much” the mother told reporters after she appeared in front of the judge on Friday morning.

She was released, after a Greece-wide outcry forced the supermarket owner to withdraw the charges.

A local charity organization took the family under its wings.

How many families are in similar desperate situation across the country? How many families cannot spend one single euro to buy a bottle of milk? A teaspoon of marmalade? Some bread? How many families die slowly every day ashamed to ask for help?

PS of course, it’s much more easy to arrest a defenseless citizen and bring him to court than a bribed politician or an aspiring MP who punches around…