Tuesday , March 28 2017
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  1. Like Ron Paul in America, when the status quo establishment are out to attack one specific candidate, then you can bet your bottom dollar that candidate is the biggest threat to the monopoly of big banks, corporate greed and crony capitalism.

    Ron Paul in America promotes personal liberty, which for cultural reasons, is on the rise in America.

    I’m not so sure personal liberty is the answer to Greek’s problem, as freedom under a capitalist system will be meaningless with 25% unemployment. What I believe Greek’s need is worker power unity. 25% unemployment is a huge wasted economic resource. Capitalism will only act to push unemployment higher. How high does unemployment have to go before the workers realize they need to work together if they want to build a future for their country. I hear a lot of international criticism that Greeks are too lazy, are Greeks too lazy to build their country back from the ruin like the Russians did?

  2. Everybody knew that it HAD to be a fake account. Because no true communist should use Twitter. It’s soooo bourgeois… 🙄