Greece’s New Government: ND-PASOK-DEMLEFT? Live Blogging from Athens

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It looks as if the new Greek government deal is almost sealed. Leaders of Nea Dimocratia, PASOK and Democratic Left have been holding meetings since last night with the target to form the new Greek government as soon as possible, even at the end of the day.

Evangelos Venizelos (PASOK) and Fotis Kouvelis (DEMLEFT) have agreed during a meeting on Tuesday morning that Antonis Samaras (ND) can be the Prime Minister of the coalition government.

PASOK and DEMLEFT have both tabled ND their eight and seven positions each, which both parties insist on in order to join the coalition.

Kouvelis insists on re-negotiation of the loan agreement (MoU) and on modifications on labour relations and that “reliable people” will take part in the cabinet.

ND officials hinted there was no problem with Kouvelis conditios.

On June 17 elections ND emerged first with 29.66% and 129 seats in Parliament, PASOK third with 12.28% and 33 seats and DEMLEFT sixth with 6.26% and 17 seats.

Together they will form a strong government with 179 seats in a Parliament of 300.

SYRIZA that emerged second with 26.89% and 71 seats will be main opposition party.

12:19 pm

According to Greek media, the teams of the three parties are working on the convocation programme of the new government.

It is highly possible that Samaras-Venizelos-Kouvelis will hold a meeting during the day.

01:24 pm

New Greek government plans to form a team that will negotiate the terms of Memorandum of Understanding with Greece’s lenders.

Samaras, Venizelos and Kouvelis will head the so-called “Greece’s National Negotiation Team” and are allegedly going to ask Alexis Tsipras (SYRIZA) to join it as well.

The idea of a National Renegotiation Team was brought up by Venizelos. He wants also Tsipras to participate as there are claims that Greece’s lenders would ask also Tsipras signature commitment to MoU.

Why should Greece’s lenders want Tsipras’ signature? Last winter they asked the written commitment by main opposition leader Samaras as it was clear that the country would head to elections and governing party PASOK would lose. 

02:17 pm

Negotiations to form a coalition government continue.

Athens Stock Exchange reacted positive to the news that there may be a government at the end of the day.

At 2:17 pm the General Index is at  594,80 points and  +2,43%.

 02:23 pm

German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects concessions to the Greek bailout.

“The important thing is that the new government sticks with the commitments that have been made,” Merkel told reporters at the G-20 meeting in the Mexican resort of Los Cabos. “There can be no loosening on the reform steps.” (further reading Businessweek)

“Reforms” for one is “Tragedy” for the other…

02:37 pm

Slowly, KTG starts to think that  it may not be necessary that the party leaders struggling to form a government to waste their time on building a “Negotiation Team”.  Furthermore nobody can exclude the possibility that negotiations could very well backfire, as neither PASOK nor ND as partners of Papademos government managed to achieve the structural reforms  demanded by Greece’s lenders.

After the very clear message of Angela Merkel, also the EU reiterated that there would be no new agreement.

“We just decided on a second program recently so nobody is talking about a new memorandum of understanding,” European Commission spokesman Amadeu Altafaj told a regular briefing, referring to the agreement with Greece.

“We are talking about ensuring that Greece gets a government and that this government takes full ownership of the program and implements it to put the country back on track,” he said. (CNBC)

Altafaj said that on Tuesday noon despite some senior eurozone officials and the USA signalling support for a review of Greek bailout conditions.

 04:05 pm

Government talks continue in fast track.

ND officials leak to the Greek press that the new cabinet will also have technocrats at 30%.

DEMLEFT seems to object that former far-right LAOS members who joined ND should be appointed Ministers.

05:00 pm

No break-through news yet on the new Greek government. And there might be none today….

However as the “National Negotiation Team” puzzled some of  us, below some ‘bailout negotiation points” the new Greek government may put on the table:

Greece appears headed for a new clash with Germany over its rigid bailout program as the winners of Sunday΄s Greek election prepare to ask Europe for more time to cut public spending, according to Dow Jones Newswires.

Greece΄s conservative New Democracy party and its likely Socialist coalition partner, known as Pasok, are working on a proposal to ask other euro-zone countries for an extra two years to meet Greece΄s fiscal targets, officials involved in the preparations said. The request would mean that on top of the EUR173 billion ($218.7 billion) bailout plan agreed early this year, Greece would need an additional EUR16 billion in financing from Europe, these officials said. (via

No, I do not know why I didn’t leave the country earlier…

oops a cartoon!

 by British Independent

 05:30 pm

Representatives from ND, PASOK and DEMLEFT are scheduled to meet at 6 pm to fine tune the new coalition government programme.

Kouvelis, Venizelos, Samaras

DEMLEFT Central Committee is to convene at 7 pm today and PASOK CC at 10 am Wednesday.

Hm… there may be no official announcments today…???

 08:03 pm

I do not think there will be any official announcement today, as officials from the three parties keep talking…

Live blogging concludes here for today. If there is a break-through announcement there will be a separate post.

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