These Legs Are Going to Bring Millions of Tourists to Greece

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I truly believe the appointment of Olga Kefalogianni, 37, for the post of the Tourism Ministry is a good choice. For several reasons: First and most important – she knows the issues she is going to deal with as she was responsible for Tourism within Nea Dimocratia for several years.

Η νέα υπουργός Τουρισμού διεκδικεί τον τίτλο της πιο χαρούμενης και ευχάριστης υπουργού της Κυβέρνησης

Second: As an attorney at law by profession she can deal with laws and orders.

Third: She is the only woman heading a ministry in Samaras’ government.

Fourth: Somebody, who can walk around for several hours on 10-cm (or 12-cm?) high heels, can certainly prove she has endurance, strength of will,  aesthetic taste and strong sense of balance. And that stumbling and fall is not on her agenda.  

Ως και τη λεπτομέρεια με τις (εντυπωσιακές, λένε οι γυναίκες) γόβες της Όλγας Κεφαλογιάννη τράβηξαν οι φωτογράφοι

Olga Kefalogianni in high heels at sworn-in ceremony

“Tourism can become the central pillar of the economic policy and lead the country out of the crisis” Kefalogianni  said at a ceremony at the Tourism Ministry on Friday. She stressed that one of the ministry’s targets is to restore the image of Greece abroad.

Keep Walking, Olga, whether in high heels or sandals! Main thing is to heal the wounded Greek Tourism Industry!

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PS Kefalogiannis’ data on wikipedia/English needs to be expanded and updated 🙂