Athens: Arson Attack against Microsoft Headquarters

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Unknown assailants attacked the Microsoft headquarters in Athens with a van that they set on fire in the early morning hours of Wednesday. Nobody was injured as the assailants had removed the security guards prior to arson. The ground floor of the building was damaged, the operation of US software company was temporarily suspended.

According to Greek police information based on the security guards testimonies, the van with two to three people wearing hoods approached the premises of Microsoft in Marousi suburb of Northern Athens at 3:45 a.m. Armed with guns, they forced the two security guards to leave. They drove the van into the front entrance, smashing the door, pured gasoline and set the van on fire.

The van contained several inflammable gas canisters and cans of gasoline,” Greek media report citing police sources.

The security guards informed the police and the fire brigades. The assailants left in unknown direction.

Police excluded robbery as the motive for the arson attack. The van was stolen, says the police.

The attack set anti-terror police on alert, forensic teams examine the van trying to get a clue about the assailants.

125 people work at Microsoft in Athens, they were asked to stay away today.

So far no organisation has claimed responsibility.