German Railways (DB) to Rescruit “Gastarbeiter” from Greece, Spain & Portugal

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“Gastarbeiter” of the European South Unite! You got a new employer! A German one! The German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) want to recruit personnel from the EZ-bailout countries of the European South like Greece, Spain and Portugal to address the company’s personnel shortcomings.

“We really think in this direction,” DB-Personnel Chief Ulrich Weber told German business mazagine Capital.

“Through our subsidiaries abroad (Schenker Rail and Arriva), we have good preconditions to achieve this and we currently discuss with our colleagues abroad,” Weber said adding that no concrete decisions have been taken yet. 

Nevertheless in the first stage, DB administration managed an agreement with the German Agency for Employment to recruit more young and unemployed.

According to Weber, the Deutsche Bahn plans to fill 80,000 work places within the next ten years.” ( via manager-magazine)

 I was thinking to immediately apply for a job as stewardess, toilet and/or window cleaner or driver.

I could also hold high the sign for the train to leave the station – by day and/or by night

I could also just blow with a whistle “Train Move” and thus using the intonation of five to six EU and Not-EU languages – which is my very secret talent.

Or I could even set per hand the Train Departure Board at some sleepy German village.

But in ten years? I won’t be young and unemployed, but rather old and dead from starvation…

 PS Why the DB does not want to hire jobless from Ireland is an issue that could anger our friends from the North, no? Either unemployment is not so high there, or our German masters just want to get on hold of the European South only.