Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) Distributes Food Packages To “Greeks Only”

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me-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), party officials, MPs and volunteers started to distribute food packages free of charge on Wednesday morning at Syntagma Square in downtown Athens. To the needy Greeks of Athens.

Already at 9 o’ clock boxes containing potatoes, pasta, milk and oil were piled in an utmost discipline way, one would not see even in camps of the Greek army.

 GD said it would give priority to jobless, poor and parents of many children. Provided they were Greeks and they could prove it.

In small groups, the some 400 beneficiaries gathered to receive the aid, approached the registration desk and showed their identity card. They left happily with the food packages. 

GD-officials said the food items were bought from Greek producers with the money the MPs receive as compensation from the Parliament. A total of 5 tones of pasta, 5 tones of potatoes, 2 tones of milk and 2 tones of oil were bought, according to news portal News It.

It is not the first time GD triggers controversy by trying to separate Greeks from non-Greeks in a way reminding the Apartheid or former laws in the USA.

 A month ago, GD had campaigned for blood donations in order to establish an “All-Greeks Blood-Bank” to be given only to Greeks in need of blood.

However their campaigned fell into water, as state hospital doctors rejected the idea and stressed that “blood donations would be available to any patient in need regardless of race, color, and party.”

GD & Athens Municipality

Meanwhile, a dispute broke between GD and Athens Municipality that did not give permission to the party to use Syntagma Square. Athens Municipality sent GD a letter saying they were not allowed to proceed with their charity plans and advised them to another square of the city centre. Chrysi Avgi just ignored the municipality letter and started the free distributions of food.

Athens Municipality had decided to scrap Syntagma Square, opposite the Greek Parliament, from charity events after the first Greek producers started to distribute vegetables free of charge during last winter.