10,000 Fake Pensioners Exploit Greek Social Insurance Funds

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One may pose right away the question:: only 10,000 fraudsters have been exploiting the money of debt-ridden, Greek social insurance funds? According to Greek media, the 7,500 fake pensioners have been illegally receiving money from the country’s biggest insurance fund IKA. Further 1,014 fraud case have been revealed at the Farmers’ Fund, OGA. And some 5,000 foreigners had been also illegally getting money summed up from other people’s pension contributions.

The data came into light after the 2011 census of pensioners of several funds. Pensioners have either passed away and their relatives continue to get the money, or people just get pensions althought not entitled to do so.

At the same time, farmers’ fund OGA stopped pensions (360 euro/month) to 5,000 foreigners who did not appear at the census. I bet they are all the Albanian or Georgian ‘grannies’ that have been illegally receiving pensions even though they were never residents of Greece. I have my own experience on the issue.

Greek government tries to eternally stop the exploitation of the social insurance funds money and plans to get back the illegally obtained money. Until the plans turn into practice, the fake pensioners continue to receive some hundreds euro, month in, month out.

I believe the solution is one and only -1-2-3-4: immediately cut the pensions, immediately confiscate assets, immediately put into auction properties. Name and shame the fraudsters.

And do the same for all public servants who facilitated this practice. For these, there is an additional thing to do: immediately kick them out from public administration without compensation.

No need to put them in jail and have tax payers come up for their meals.

PS i wonder whether more fake pensioners will come into light as years and censuses go by…