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Daily Archives: September 12, 2012

“Death Penalty” For Cancer Patients in Greece as Health Care Collapses

Cancer patients have reached the point of not being able to take their medication because they have no money to buy them as pharmacists protest the national health care organisation EOPYY and do not give prescription medicine on credit. At the same time hospitals postpone cancer surgeries due to retention of physicians. The huge …

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€31.5-Billion Bailout Tranche for Greece to be Released in November?

 This is a news coming through the indirect way: Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras allegedly briefed representatives from Municipalities that any discussion on economic demands could take place after the Troika report and the release of the bailout tranche in November. Costas Askounis, president of the Central Union of Municipalities …

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German Constitutional Court Rules in Favor of Euro Rescue Fund (ESM)

The Euro Zone is relieved. Germany’s Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the Euro Rescue Fund – European Stability Mechanism (ESM). However the judges limited Germany’s fund liability up to 190 billion euro unless the German Parliament decides to make more funds available. The court said that condition  for allowing the ESM-ratification was that any …

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Athens in Grip of Strikes and Protest Rallies, Sept 12/2012

Teachers, academics, hospital doctors, armed forces personnel, pharmacists, municipality workers, they all take down to the streets today to protest the upcoming tsunami of additional austerity measures that will further cut down their income. Elementary and secondary schools are closed. (24h strike) Municipality have closed their doors too (48h strike). …

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