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Greece’s Parliament Speaker “Suspends” His Duties

Greece’s Parliament Speaker and MP from conservative Nea Dimocratia Evaggelos Meimarakis suspended his duties following a corruption and money laundering inquiry by authorities. According to reports Meimarakis suspends his duties as Parliament Speaker until the inquiry concludes. He does not resign from his position.

Citing a press release issued by Meimarakis, news portal NewsIt wrote on Monday afternoon that Meimarakis asked two deputy parliament speakers to replace him until the Financial Crime Units (SDOE) report is concluded and released.

PS As Greek media are on strike today, access to reports and information is quite difficult…

Sunday newspaper Real News claimed yesterday in its front page that Meimarakis’s name was involved in a money laundering case of 10.2 billion euro, currently under investigation by SDOE.


MP Meimarakis (ND) “suspends” his duties as Parliament Speaker following corruption & money laundrng inquiry by authorities ~reports

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  1. The mind Boggles……10.2 billion euros…???? And they want to tax the poor people more…..???? Did i move to Cloud Cuckoo Land or what….?????