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Daily Archives: September 25, 2012

Athens: Five Suicides on a Single Day

Five people reportedly committed suicide in different parts of the Greek capital. On a single day, five people were reportedly transferred to Evangelismos hospital in Athens.  Last Thursday evening. One man had shot himself in the head, three women had jumped from their home balconies. A fourth woman had cut her belly …

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Relatives of Stabbed Victim Attempted to Lynch the Afghan murderers

Outraged relatives and friends of murdered Manolis Kantaris tried to lynch his two Afghan murderers, after a court convicted them to life sentence. Only with big effort, police managed to take the situation under control and lead the convicted away from the angry relatives and friends.  Manolis Kantaris, 44, was stabbed …

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How Much Extra Money Would Greece Need? “15 Billion Euro” says Greek FinMIn

How much additional money Greeks need, should the bailout program be extended for two years? On Monday, German weekly DER SPIEGLE claimed that the Greek budget shortfall was 20 billion euro. On Tuesday, German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung claimed the shortfall is even bigger and ‘stamped’ the shocking number: 30 billion …

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“The Health is Bleeding”: Protesting Doctors Cover Hospital Front with Blood

Trainee doctors in Attica state hospitals had an original idea to draw attention at the shortages and shortfalls in the Greek health care sector that is falling apart. During a protest on Tuesday morning, they doused artificial blood at the front of Evangelismos, the biggest state hospital in Athens. With …

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