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Relatives of Stabbed Victim Attempted to Lynch the Afghan murderers

Outraged relatives and friends of murdered Manolis Kantaris tried to lynch his two Afghan murderers, after a court convicted them to life sentence. Only with big effort, police managed to take the situation under control and lead the convicted away from the angry relatives and friends.

 Manolis Kantaris, 44, was stabbed to death on May 10th 2011 in Athens, when he was about to take his pregnant wife to hospital to give birth. The robbers stabbed him several times and stole the camera he was holding in order to film the birth of his child. While th Afghans fled, the unlucky man died right next to his parked car with his wife waiting for him in their apartment.

Murder in Athens downtown shocks Greeks and triggers attacks against immigrants

Manolis Kantaris

The murders had gone home to sleep and the following day they sold the stolen camera for 120 euro. They were captured by the police a week later.

On Tuesday, the court in Athens sentanced Harodi Han Mamad, 20, and Shirzad Neinatullah, 26, to life in prison over the fatal stabbing and robbery of Kantaris. A third accomplice – still on the run (and most probably outside the country) – was also convicted for four years imprisonment.

The tragic death in May 2011 caused not only anger and frustration among the public, but also sparked extensive riots against immigrants by far-right youths two days later.

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  1. I hope that the family, friends and relatives of M. Kantaris will in time get some closure and the 2 year old will give them a future filled with hope. May his memory be everlasting.

  2. If there is any lesson to be learned, as I tell my Greek friends, nothing worth your life. If someone approaches you with a weapon, give them what they ask for, and don’t try to be a hero or mangas. I also feel sorry for the Taxi driver in Paros who tried to be a hero but again, there is no more of this in Greece, as criminals now kill here as they do in Joberg or New York and trying to be levendi will only get you killed.

    Greece is Chicago as the saying goes now.