IMF’s Lagarde: “I feel very, very bad & very sorry for the people” [living in austerity]

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Following the traces of Angela Merkel, head of IMF Christine Lagarde revealed her real feelings about people living in poverty due to IMF imposed austerity. She spoke to CBS News. Emotionally deeply touched, with eyes begging for forgiveness, broken face muscles and a trembling voice. Lagarde finally spoke about her real feelings – about  the … Spaniards!

Christine Lagarde: I feel very, very bad and very sorry for the people. Because I know how hard it is. And I know how difficult it is for people who lose their job, for families who find it difficult to make ends meet. But equally, I know that it’s necessary. And it’s a process through which countries have to go in order to restore their situation and be able to grow again and create jobs again.

Dressed in black and brown tanned as usual, Christine Lagarde predicted that it will take years until Europe is being rescued.

 Scott Pelley: How long do you imagine the troubles in Europe will go on?

 Christine Lagarde: It has been going on for a long time. A lot has been done. You know, the Europeans have been serious about strengthening their fiscal architecture, but they need to do more.

 Pelley: But what are we talking about here? Two years, three, five?

 Lagarde: It’s hard to say. I think it will take a long time to restore public finances in the Eurozone, because it has been long in the making. It will be relatively long in the fixing, as well.
Video: Interview exerpt vom CBS

Is Lagarde sorry only for the Spaniards? No problem! German Chancellor Angela Merkel had recently said that her heart was bleeding for the Greeks and thus twice in a coupple of weeks.

In the following video a man tries to escape a woman assuring him that she cried a river. It is not verified whether the man is a Spaniard tryiing to flee Lagarde, or a Greek tryiing to escape from Merkel. But the song is nice by gorgeous Julie London 🙂

PS I hope the Spaniards will appreciate the emotional outburst of Lagarde…