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Daily Archives: November 8, 2012

‘Day After’ for Greece’s Coalition Government with PASOK Falling Apart

With a marginal majority of 153 votes Greece’s coalition government under Prime Minister Antonis Samaras managed to pass the austerity package bill through the Greek Parliament. An austerity bill that is hard if not impossible to be implemented when in combination with the Budget 2013 will send millions of people to …

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Greece Will Levy Ship Owners; Golden Dawn Supported Tax Exemption

The additional austerity package adopted by the Greek Parliament on Wednesday includes a provision that will force ship owners, long accused of enjoying lavish fiscal privileges, to pony up at least 140 million euros. The provision initially called for a “voluntary” contribution to the state coffers, but Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras withdrew …

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‘Austerity Bill Not Enough for Bailout Tranche’, Say German FinMin & EU Commission

The austerity package that will bring financial disaster to millions of Greek households was apparently not enough for Greece’s lenders to give the green light for the release of the 31 billion euro bailout tranche. Of course, the budget 2013 has to be adopted by the Greek Parliament, as well. …

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How Much Do Greek MPs Earn Really?

Officially the gross monthly salary of a Greek Member of the Parliament is 5.700 euro. However unofficially the salary is much higher and thus more than 8,000 euro. Nea Dimocratia MP Fotini Pipili revealed the real income of MPs, reading out of her own payment declaration: 8,217 euro. Basic Salary: …

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Austerity Bill Pass with 153 Votes – ND, PASOK Expel 7 MPs

With 153 “Yes” votes the austerity package bill was adopted by the Greek Parliament on Wednesday night. The voting brought some casualties for Samaras coalition government as the bill received even less votes than originally thought. MPs from junior coalition partner Democratic Left voted “present”, following the party line except,  2 MPs who …

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