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Trikala: No Heating Oil for the Majority of Schools

The majority of schools in the prefecture of Trikala, Central Greece, are not able to supply heating oil even though temperatures have dropped to 10 degrees Celsius. Teachers are planning to complain at the local government even though it’s clear that there is no money available to cover such needs: neither in schools nor in municipalities cash registers. And the oil prices at least at 1.40 euro per liter…

Alternatively, the teachers association considers to buy wood stoves for schools in cooperation with the parents’ associations. 

Until a solution is found, students of elementary and secondary education will have to go to school wrapped up with several layers of clothes (the onion effect), if they don’t want to freeze during classes.

PS like in the 1950’s…

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  1. Alternatively, the teachers association considers to buy wood stoves for schools in cooperation with the parents’ associations.

    ?????? Couldn’t they buy oil “in cooperation with the parents’ associations.” Or even better: buy oil and let the parents do something about the total lack of insulation in most of those state schools so only 20% of the oil is needed to keep their kids warm?
    Oh no, stupid me! That’s way to simple. And I won’t even ask who will pay for the firewood?

  2. heating oil is very expensive this year and who says that parents or teachers can afford this extra cost? Firewood is much cheaper.

  3. And you can prepare a hot meal for the kids on the wood stove, at no extra cost. Something you can’t do on the radiotors, and something very many kids don’t get anymore these days. That was the argument (put forward by our local teacher) that decided the wood stove option. and of course, no shortage of parents with plenty of time on their hands to install the thing…

  4. Perhaps they should learn to be like the Spartans ?

  5. Spartans use oil. Either the black stuff or the green gold. And when that’s not available they burn the pomace a stove.

  6. A wood burner for the central heating did cost around 3000 euro this year in Laconia. And wood was around 100 euro/ton. For this amount you can buy a nice amount of oil. Even for 1,40/l

  7. what? I think they will buy little stoves for every class room and roast chestnuts

  8. Waist of money. A little stove will never heat a class room. And chestnuts are much better roasted over an open fire.

  9. do not spoil my chestnuts.

  10. I would not dare! I love chestnuts. Their tast, their color. It’s one of the big treasures from the mountains above my village. Have shot them with love many times.

  11. better do not dare!

  12. Right now it is 5 degrees celcius where I live and I have a long thin t-shirt on (my night wear) and am quite comfortable with no heat . Maybe because there is a cloud layer outside and it is not so cold. I was cold earlier on but due to a walk in the rain for a few hours.

  13. where about are you?

  14. Canada, West Coast.

  15. oh, that’s the other end of the world…
    btw: it was very nice description

  16. Wood stoves may be very economical. But, please be aware of carbon-monoxide (CO) poisonning.