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Greek Christmas: Five Extra Taxes to be paid in December

Greeks will be called on to give an extra Christmas bonus to the state and thus in form of emergency taxes. The state is in need of 5.36 billion euro therefore the money households were maybe able to save for some festive delights will have to flow into the state cash registers.

Until the end of December, salvation year 3 A.T. (after Troika) taxpayers will have to pay:

1) next tranche of income tax

2) next tranche of emergency property tax

3) regular property tax for 2010

4) regular property tax for 2011 (due in January)

4) car traffic fees for 2013.

And if Greeks were not drown in debts, they will live happily ever after…

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  1. Can you tell us where you got this information from please. It is not on any other website, Greek or otherwise. Thanks. All the ones mentioning it are repeating your article

  2. For those who have lost jobs, and/or have no money, how will they pay these taxes? Are they exempted for being unemployed? Can people pay these taxes in the form of labors –work on weekends? For example, an accountant can do some paperwork for the governemt in th weekend; a plumber can do some work on government building; so on and so forth.

  3. it’s in all greek websites check 5 χαράτσια

  4. this is an utopic community scheme. they just do not pay

  5. they just do not pay

    Because they don’t have to, can’t, or rightfully refuse to be subjected to more TROIKA extortion?