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Extra Levy on Water for Greece households and farmers for the sake of water companies privatization

Not one day passes without an extra charge, a one more charge that empties the Greek pockets and pushes thousands into poverty. Whether unemployed, low-pensioner, vulnerable group of the society, whether employee or entrepreneur, the nightmare of additional financial burden does not stop. Out of the blue, here comes an …

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Turmoil as 20-25 MPs may have received the Christmas Bonus for low-pensioners

One more lawmaker of ruling SYRIZA admitted that he received the Christmas Bonus (13th pension) for low-pensioners although he receives a good and mostly tax-free salary from the Greek Parliament. Are these the only MPs? Hardly. Triantafyllos Mitafidis said on Friday that the mistake in granting the so-called once-off 13th …

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Greece’s draft budget 2017: charming projections with an extra burden of €1.8bn for taxpayers

Economic growth 0f 2.7%, primary surplus at 1.8%, unemployment down to 22.4%, recession at 0.3% and additional revenues of 1.835billion euros. These are the projections in the draft budget the Greek government submitted to the Parliament on Monday. This charming  “€1.8billion” in revenues describes the additional direct and indirect taxes …

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Greeks collapse but MPs keep their salaries at existing levels

Greek lawmakers are about to vote to keep their salaries and expenses at the existing levels. A draft bill will be voted in the Parliament next Monday. I write “it will be voted” because nobody would dare believe that any MP whether from the coalition government nor form the opposition …

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