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Higher charges for passengers departing from 14 regional Fraport airports

Higher charges for passengers departing from the 14 regional airports operated by Fraport Greece go into effect as of April 11th 2017.

In accordance with the provisions of the ratification law of the Greek state concession contract on departing passenger charges and with immediate effect as of April 11, 2017, departing passengers from the airports of Aktion, Zakynthos, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Kerkyra (Corfu), Kefalonia, Kos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Samos, Santorini, Skiathos & Chania are subject to charges per passenger as follows:

For PSO routes passenger charge 12€ plus 1,5€ security charge plus VAT 24% on total – final charge 16,74€

For remaining routes passenger charge 12€ plus 1,5€ security charge plus VAT 24% on security charge alone -final charge 13,86€

Astra Airlines will subsidize the additional charge amount on all tickets issued so far with prior departing passengers charge rates, regardless of the passengers departure date.

The higher charges went into effect the same day Greece formally completed the transfer of the regional airports to Fraport Greece.

Greece has formally completed the transfer of 14 regional airports to a consortium led by Germany’s Fraport AG, in a privatization that is a key element of the country’s bailout program.

The Greek state privatization agency says that under the deal signed on April 11th the consortium has paid a 1.23 billion-euro ($1.3 billion) lump sum.

It said additional state revenues from an annual lease and a share in airport earnings will reach a total 10 billion euros ($10.62 billion) over the 40-year concession period.

The deal has already been cleared by the European Commission. It had been initially due to come into effect last year.

Privatization of the 14 regional airports was one of  Greece’s creditors’ demands in the second bailout. And the third.

PS If I am not wrong, PSO routes are within the European Union.

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  1. What is this jargon of “PSO”? It’s bad enough that Fraport are stealing more money, but we could at least be told things in plain English, instead of Germanic subterfuge.

  2. blackirishblonde

    Just looked it up~~~ European Union law, a public service obligation or PSO means an obligation imposed on an organization by legislation or contract to provide a service of general interest within the European Union territories.

  3. In that case, blackirishblonde, it implies that the PSO airports are replacing publicly owned airports — in other words, privatised. I wonder why the Tsipras government did not use this word! (not)

  4. Because they are bought crooks Xenos! They have masters to serve and salaries to receive, just like any other hard-working group of professionals. I feel for them!

  5. blackirishblonde

    Yes (xenos) you just made me laugh out loud. As the saying goes “I KNOW NOTHING”!

  6. PSO is a route which is non profitable, but needed to provide a service to customers. An example being the Athens – Skiathos flight, non profitable in winter, so has set prices imposed by the Greek government.
    However once Olympic lost the route to Sky Express, Olympic could manage to offer three flights a day in summer from €19 when they used to charge €57 minimum. PSO routes are awarded usually for three years at a time. A good earner !