Patras: Soccer hooligans stab one policeman on the back and beat another one

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Hooligans stabbed on the back the head of the police force as riot police and Olympiacos fans clashed outside Ayias football stadium in Patras. The clashes started when some 100 Olympiacos fans attempted to enter the stadium without tickets. Riot police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. 

During the clashes the head of the riot police force was twice stabbed on the back and was taken to Rio hospital. Also hospitalized is another policeman who got beaten on the face with a stick and suffered injuries on the eye. The two policemen were attacked by Olympiacos fans, local media Patras Times reported.

A Panachaiki fan was injured as well when he jumped down form the stadium to escape Olympiacos fans who were chasing him.

Earlier tension had prevailed inside the stadium during the match Olympiacos-Panachaiki when fans of the local team started to throw objects in the field. One object hit one of the referees.

So far, police has detained 10 people, mainly Olympiacos fans who had travelled from Piraeus to Patras to cheer their football team.

The match was definitely interrupted after such outbreak of violence.