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Christmas 2012 Gala Dinner: IMF knows how to party with caviar, oysters & truffle

Finally, I am relieved. It’s so good to hear the news that our Thomsens, Qonsense and Nonsense from the International Monetary Fund under the leadership of Madame Christine Lagarde do really know how to party. And it proves the amazing touch of social sensitivity when Madame organizes a lavish Holiday Party to IMF’s 7,000 devoted employees.

This way to caviar!

According to Washington Post, the IMF organized the extravagant Christmas Gala Dinner on December 13th in Washington and let it roll  through mountains of caviar,  lakes of salmon mousse and oyster ponds while they walked on warm truffle pads.

For oyster, go to the left, please!

Read and enjoy 🙂

Washington Post: The IMF holiday bash – don’t miss it

“In these days of international financial uncertainty — and occasional panic — it’s good to see the International Monetary Fund folks still know how to party. Really party.

The Saturday night annual holiday blowout for some 7,000 employees and guests features seven different “serving stations” for various cuisines and unlimited booze at the IMF headquarters.

 IMF Holiday Party Invitation

We start with 90 minutes of “passed Hors d’oeuvres,” featuring the usual stuff: caviar creme fraiche and “local Choptank sweet oyster shooters with tomato jalapeno broth,” “smoked salmon mousse in an edible cone” and, of course, “warm truffle braised short rib tartlets.”

The “Peppermint Patty” and “Poinsettia” passed cocktails help wash it all down and get you in the proper party mood.

But go easy on this lest you fill up and miss out on the stunning dinner fare at the food stations throughout the lower floors of the headquarters, featuring Indian, Thai/Vietnamese, Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern, Spanish, Mexican and even American food.

The booze stations feature “specialty drinks” such as the “Partridge in a Pear Breeze,” the “Mr. Grinch”and the “Nutty Jester” in addition to the more traditional margarita.

Again, careful with the pace, lest you get completely blotto and embarrass yourself on the dance floor, featuring a fine band.

If you work up a big appetite, not to worry. “Fruit and cheese display with assorted crackers and French baguette slices will be put out at each station at 10:30 pm,” our invite says. The bash ends at 1:00 a.m.

(Unclear if there’s a designated driver program or they’re thinking diplomatic immunity might work — though former IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn didn’t find it so useful.)

About 13,000 bank staff, retirees and others are eligible to attend, an IMF official told us, but the actual number who’ve RSVPd this year is about 7,000.

And while we were told by a source that the cost would be well more than $500,000 for this gala — black-tie optional — an IMF official said the price tag is expected to be about $350,000.

That might seem like a lot, but look at it this way: Greece is expected to cough up $899 million in interest payments to the IMF next year.

That’s a lot of shooters.” Check Washington Post  for the endless menue pages

No, left-overs!

PS Do not start complaining in the comment section that wherever the IMF put its finger people are deprived of basic health care, of food or even of electricity. It’s not the IMF’s fault, OK?

Lagarde shopping for the party

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  1. Do not start complaining in the comment section that wherever the IMF put its finger people are deprived of basic health care, of food or even of electricity.

    that’s for starters. But then, somebody has to pay for the party, no?
    and it sure as hell isn’t going to be tax-free Christine…

  2. and you know what? I am glad I was not invited as I didn’t like starter No 127, main course No 246 and the “petit fours” with the mocca cream.

  3. Now that is just sour grapes. I bet you would have gate-crashed the party if there had been buckets of ice cream with choc chips

  4. I would also ear ouster but I don’t like caviar.

  5. You don’t have to eat it, you could throw it at…. Makes a difference from yoghurt, frappe, eggs, etc. in keeping with the season spirit?

  6. spiting caviar???? that’s a NO-NO!

  7. Ahem, thinking out loud .. mmm … International Truffle Fund(?)

  8. Correct!

  9. Nothing but the best for Bloodsuckers Inc.
    On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind crashing their party if I could also get about 1000 homeless people to go with me.

  10. 1000 homeless entering the party would be THE super surprise 🙂

  11. If we did manage it, Lagarde would probably get off her broomstick and threaten to use it on us.

  12. Isn’t there an IMF office in every capital in the world? Maybe an idea as a news years present for them. Take over by those who matter instead of servicing those who think they matter?

  13. Nobody matters to them but the rich thugs who are the politicians of countries that invite them over. Nobody else will matter to them. We’d be thrown out of there so fast it wouldn’t even be funny and trust me most people woulnd’t be sympathetic either. I could be wrong, but even the people on the streets in my country would lecture me to be more sensible if I tried urging them to go, after travelling more than 2 000 miles to the capital. I don’t like the IMF and see it as a blood sucking institution, but I sometimes think that they are invited inot the countries they rip off by the elected politicians of these countries (correct me if I am wrong). Indeed, in a lot of these places, the politicians are just thieves and thugs but shouldn’t their people overthrow them first and then the world could actually focus on how injust these institutions are. A lot of the homeless in my parts are unfortunate folks who used to be in mental hospitals but they just shut them down. Of course, there are many who have other problems too. Some of them sleep outside in this country even in -50 weather (happens some years in some places)and that is a time when even the media are sympathetic to them. One homeless lady near where I live was viciously beaten after being tied to a tree, just a couple of weeks ago, apparently one even gouged out. The criticism is after 11 days or something the police is looking for witnesses and the pulic nor the street people were told about this right away, and had it been a middle class person it would have been big news. Nobody really cares for the homeless anywhere it seems. If someone sees a street person who is panhandling with a cell phone, it becomes evidence that they are just scammers so quickly (some columnist or other will somehow sniff that anecdote out).

  14. in which country?

  15. It could be any country in the world. The case of people being beaten like that isn’t too frequent here, fortunately. Our cops aren’t perfect by any means but they do learn. For instance, if a prostitute gets killed they will now refer to her as someone’s sister, daughter, mother, etc. and reprove the person asking if the victim was a prostitute. I like to think this is due to learning from past mistakes.

  16. Very retro, indeed. Right in the face of the the ‘fiscal cliff’ and other new flavors of ‘austerity’. This is clear evidence of the direction banks are really taking — note the carnival motif menu.

    — J.L. Morin, author of “Occupy’s 1st bestselling novel” TRADING DREAMS, free at Kindle January 2-6

  17. I dont care if they hold a xmas party. I do care about the ridicilous huge bonusses these banksters apparently still recieving.
    After all these years of crisis now that is still not fixed.

  18. maybe they get their bonuses for NOT fixing the crisis as quite some make a nice profit out of it.

  19. Don’t think you’re too far from the truth there.
    I wouldn’t think of Berlusconi as a reliable source at the best of times, but this I have no problem in believing. At least the action by the bank. I would think the reason goes way past Berlusconi’s image of his self-importance, and that he was mere collateral damage.