Welcome 2013: Greeks to pay six property taxes for each single property they own

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Got a property in Greece? Get ready to get ripped off and thus as soon as possible. For the year 2013,  property owners will have to pay six different taxes for each one property they own:

1) two installments for the emergency property tax of 2012 via the electricity bills

2) Regular property tax (FAP) for 2010, 2011 and 2012. The first installment for FAP 2010 has to be paid in January the latest.

these taxes are additionally to the property tax called “Property Fee” (TAP) which property owners pay to municipalities.

In the context of the new taxation system all these different taxes will apparently be unified under a so called “unified property tax”. But this will be hopefully valid as of 2014.

In the new taxation system the tax- free property value will be reportedly down to 100,000 euro. Also land plots  that bring no profit will be taxed.

Furthermore, the income from renting a property will be autonomously be taxed with a what the media estimate 10% for annual revenues over 12,000 euro. and thus irrespectively from the total income of the property owner.

Soon it will be advisable to rent a home than to own one. then you will be paying a monthly rent for your own property to the state.