Greek media businessman arrested for owing €9 million to social insurance fund

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A mounting debt of 9 million euro to Greece’s biggest insurance fund IKA  led to the arrest of businessman Andreas Kouris, head of Real Media company the publishes a newspaper and has a radio station. The arrest is due to older debts of television channel ALTER that closed two years ago and Kontra channel which is still on air.

“Police on Thursday arrested Andreas Kouris, president of Real Media SA, on charges of owing to the state, Skai reported.

The 41-year-old businessman was being charged with owing public security fund IKA the sum of 9,171,000 euros for television stations ALTER and Kontra Channel.

The 41-year-old businessman was expected to face a public prosecutor later in the day.” (ekathimerini)

Andreas Kouris twitted that he was never the legal representative nor member of the board of ALTER TV. Andreas Kouris is the son of Giorgos Kouris, owner of several newspapers and television channels.

Whether Kouris was the legal responsible or not, whether he was arrested by mistake or not, point is the company management was not paying social insurance and health care contributions to IKA, while employees were thinking everything was alright with their pensions contributions…

PS How do they do it? To have debts and start new companies? While the average John Greek can get scr–ed for the rest of his business life even for a debt of less than 10,000 euro?