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UPD: Ex deputy FinMin “forgot” to declare one million euro to tax authorities

 The parliamentary committee assigned to cross check the assets of politicians is calling former deputy Finance Minister Petros Doukas and ask explanations about one million euro that was declared in his income declaration in 2009 but not in 2010. According to news portal , Doukas has allegedly told a journalist that he ‘forgot’ to declare this one million euro in 2010.

Doukas was minister under Nea Dimocratia governments of Mitsotakis and karamanlis. he is not member of the parliament anymore.

Petros Doukas  recently made headlines when he proposed that unemployed people should work voluntarily and without payment for the public and private sector.

Maybe he had distributed the one million euro to the jobless volunteers and forgot about that?

UPDATE 1: According to press reports this morning, Doukas stated that the issue is about a money transfer from a bank account to investment account, an act that has been declared to his income declaration. The committee gave him time of 20 days to submit his explanation.

UPDATE 2: Later this morning, speaking to Skai TV, deputy parliament speaker Athanasios Nakos (Nea Dimocratia) said that the not-declared amount was almost 2 million euro. Dimitris Papadimoulis (SYRIZA MP and member of the parliamentary committee investigating politicians’ assets) said at the same tv program, that “Doukas had forgoten to declare the transfer”.

UPDATE 3: In a statement to the press, Doukas explained that “there were delays in submitting the receipts from the money transfer to the tax authorities.”

PS check around your home – you may find the one hundred euro you forgot to declare to tax authorities. You maybe charged with tax evasion.


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  1. we in ireland would describe doukas as a ‘s scumbag’ may he rot in hell if there is justice in the next world

  2. The neck of these guys is unbelievable. Forgot????
    A few years ago the then Irish PM was being grilled over money matters that didn’t add up, and he declared in court that while he was FinMin (8 years!) he didn’t have a bank account because he was separating and didn’t want his wife to know his business. No explanation on how not having an account would stop her from knowing what a minister was earning, nor how he managed to pay himself his ministerial wage and expenses. Cash I suppose, all 200K of it…
    When asked about more millions unaccounted for he stated that in his time of need (separation) his friends did a whip-around for him (pass the hat, you know) and he won some money on the horses… Nothing ever happened to him. He is now an esteemed colleague of Papandreou and Tony Blair on the international lecture circuit…
    One of these days Joe Soap will finally have enough and it would not surprise me if guys like this end up decorating lampposts, Mussolini style…