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Greece to scrutinize real estate purchases paid in cash

Tax authorities in Greece will scrutinize real estate purchases that were conducted in cash. Aim of the tax authorities is to trace and sources of money used for the transactions and possibly trace money laundering. The Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) is tracing the money trail for thousands of …

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Tax Authorities uncover illegal Swiss transportation service on Mykonos

Members of  Greece’s tax authorities have uncovered an illegal transportation service on the island of Mykonos. The service was not registered as business in Greece, its luxury limousines and buses for tourists were operating on Swiss plates. The service was mainly targeting Swiss and German tourists who would book it …

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Tax Authorities seize 500,000 bank accounts, collect €1.6bn in Jan-May 2016

Greek Tax Administration has been studiously taking from debtors what it belongs to the state. From January to April 2016, tax authorities have reportedly “emptied” 428,465 debtors’ bank accounts. If the seizures in May be added, the total number reaches over 500,000. In comparison: 333,776 bank account seizures last year. …

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Tax authorities to monitor Greeks’ bank accounts across the EU

Greece’s tax authorities will soon be able to monitor all bank accounts that Greek taxpayers have within the European Union, according to a draft law currently being discussed by Parliament’s Financial Affairs Committee. Finance Ministry officials are introducing the clauses on the automatic exchange of bank account information, which will …

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Greece to lift capital controls for those who bring money back to banks

The Greek authorities will try everything to get back to the banks what depositors withdrew before the capital controls were imposed on June 29th 2015. The financial ministry and its high-ranking state officials and interim government ministers are determined and will try everything to get the money back to the …

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Tax Authorities Investigate 1,747 Greeks on “Sudden Wealth”

Former ministers and ex members of the Parliament, journalists, doctors, lawyers, businessmen but also a former chairman of a political party are being investigated by the Greek tax authorities on suspicion of sudden (and unjustified) wealth. According to newspaper “6 Meres” the list contains names of politicians but also names …

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