HP-Cosco-Trainose hub deal signed in Athens

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Boosting competitiveness, creating thousands of jobs. The hub deal between Hewlett-Packard, Cosco and Trainose brought smiles in the faces of Greek government, the Prime Minister and the Development and Maritime ministers.
“The deal between Hewlett-Packard, Cosco and Trainose to use Cosco΄s cargo terminal at the port of Piraeus as a hub and Traiose΄s adjacent rail infrastructure to distribute the American electronics giant΄s products in central Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the eastern Mediterranean and eastern Europe signed today in the presence of Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras.

Greek Premier welcomed the agreement and said that Piraeus is becoming the “key” transit hub for Europe. “The deal will create jobs”, he added.

Greece inaugurated yesterday the key connection of the Greek railway network to Piraeus port in a bid to turn the country΄s biggest port into a major transit hub for the Mediterranean Sea and Eastern Europe.

The new railway track which is delivered for commercial use, is regarded as a very significant work which will reduce by about a week the time needed for the transfer of goods from Asia across Europe from Piraeus port.

Through the Greek national railway network the products will be transferred to other Balkan countries and then on to Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. (full story Capital.gr)