ERT shutdown: Greek Festival cancels concert – Requiem for ERT Choir

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Oh, these are the little things in life that they may go unnoticed by the majority of people. The symphonic orchestra, the music ensemble and the choir of  – former – Greek public broadcaster ERT.  The State Orchestra of Athens and the Greek Festival were enforced to cancel a concert as the choir of ERT has formally and practically stopped to exist after the government decision to shut down public broadcaster ERT on Tuesday.

Below the statement of Greek Festival organizers:

“With great regret we are enforced to cancel the State Orchestra concert at the Theater of Herodes Atticus, scheduled to perform Verdi’s Requiem on June 14th 2013.  The implementation of the concert becomes de facto impossible, as key players in the concert was the Choir of ERT. Few hours after the sudden closure of the institution and the dismissal of 2,656 employees, the choir does not exists anymore.

Both the State Orchestra of Athens and the Greek Festival cooperate regularly with the Choir of ERT, one of the major cultural institutions of the country and can not conceive its absence from the Greek music events.”

Ticket holders can have their tickets refunded etc etc.

I suppose, not a single minister, not even the Culture Minister can remember that ERT had an excellent symphonic orchestra, a modern music ensemble and a choir…

PS culture? what culture? you mean bailout culture?