Crete: Horrible! 23 shelter dogs poisoned

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Heartbreaking! The lifeless bodies of 23 dogs lay next to each other. Innocent and defenseless creatures that found a torturing death. A coward culprit threw poisoned bites and killed all the dogs of an animal welfare shelter in Sitia, in Eastern Crete.

poisoned dogs Sitia Crete

Incredible brutality. Vicious attack. Incredible shock for the animal lovers who discovered the dead dogs on Tuesday morning, July 10th 2013.

The 23 dogs were inside the premises of a shelter compound given by the Sitia municiaplity to the local animal welfare society to accomodate stray dogs.

The brutal killing occurred a month after a similar incident occurred in the shelter of the same animal welfare society with four dogs to have been poisoned and died. The society had to relocate the dogs. But the sick human mind apparently followed them also in their new home.

On the Facebook page of the animal welfare society (via MM) I read that they were planning to install security cameras. But the sick human was quicker.

According to the only survey conducted in Greece on the issue of animal abuse,

75% of the Greeks consider animal abuse and poisoning as crime that has to be severly punished.

However it needs a really sick mind in a small community to satisfy his/hers killer’s insticts on creatures that cannot defend themselves.

The local animal welfare society, a group of dedicated Greeks,  needs all the support it can get and especially from the local municipality.

You can politely express your disgust and shock and ask the municipality to openly condemn the brutal dogs poisoning and vicious attack.

Mayor of Sitia, Thodoros Paterakis Email:

From what I read in social media the locla police is extremely helpful and tries to identify the perpetrator/s.