Northern Greece: 6:10 companies do not pay their employees up to 3-16 months

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The news coming from Northern Greece in fact reflects the situation in the labor market all across the country: severe delays in payments to employees, work without insurance. Six out of ten companies delay to pay their employees from three up to sixteen months.

This gloomy reality was described by the presidents of labor centers of Northern Greece during a meeting ahead the International Fair of Thessaloniki.

“Black and uninsured labor is the king, while the unemployment rates skyrocket,” they said.

Six out of 10 companies have to pay their employees from 3 to 16 months

Indicative in Thessaloniki unemployment has reached 36%, while in the Evros area near the borders to Turkey it has reached 40%.

In Yiannitsa, the market is practically ‘dead’ as the Greeks cross the border and go to Bulgaria for shopping. Unemployment rate is 56%.

In Drama unemployment is at 50%, in Komotini at 46% and in Serres 42%.

From 100 factories operating back in the year 2000, only 4 are still in operation in 2013.  From 17,000 factory employees back then, only 800 still have a job, while the majority of them does not receive their salary in time.

“Jobless Greeks seek work in Bulgaria because the salaries are better,” the presidents claimed.

With the years the economy in Northern Greece plundered when nearby Bulgaria became competitive for investors. Many factory and business owners moved to Bulgaria due to low salaries and corporate taxes.

During the last three years, the “rescue” and austerity packages that overtax every single euro circulating in the Greek market and double- and triple-tax not profit bringing properties and assets have pushed to Bulgaria even the last employers of the area.

It is an utmost immoral practice from the side of employers not to pay their employees. The motive is not always the shortage of liquidity. It is a common practice I have been hearing about for the last two years. That employers invoke the economic crisis to avoid paying their employees.

Here in Athens I get more and more -especially young – people telling me that they’re are hired on trial for a month for full time. After that they get fired and do not receive a cent.

They are shops in our area that continuously work with this practice.

Modern slaves in a morally declined society.