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Metropolis of Santorini to legally chase US Rapper Rick Ross for filming inside a church (video)

The Holy Metropolis of Thira, Amorgos & the Islands is furious at US rapper Rick Ross for having filmed inside a Church on the island of Santorini for the purpose of a video clip thus without permission.

Not that the Metropolis would have given permission for such a video clip addressing the problems of  “niggas”, “bitches” and social rage that summarizes into a simple “fuck the world,” as the lyrics of  “Santorini Greece” cry out loud.

Now the Metropolis threatens to legally chase Rick Ross and everybody else responsible for the illegal filming.

In the video clip rapper Rick Ross is singing and dancing in front of the Holy Temple, the Holy Cross, a icon of the Virgin Mary decorated with flowers and other  icons inside the church of St Eustratios Vourvoulos Thira.

“Huh! Huh! These niggas don’t believe in God From this very moment, you should believe in God,” Rick Ross sings in front of  the Holy Temple, in a song decorated with unholy words like “fuck”, “bitches” and drugs. Words appropriate for the social problems of a subculture but 100% inappropriate for a Greek Orthodox Church.

Rick Ross and his production crew shot the video clip of “Santorini Greece” sometime last year, however, the video clip was available on YouTube just a couple of days ago.

In a statement the Holy Metropolis said “With sadness, we have been made aware that the interior of the Holy Temple of Saint Eustratios Vourvoulos Thira was used as a stage for the shooting of a video clip.”

Describing the shooting as “disgraceful” the Metropolis adds that the filming took place without its knowledge and permission.

The Metropolis has ordered an internal disciplinary investigation in order to verify the circumstances of the incident as well as to attribute responsibility for the “desecration of the sacred site.” The Metropolis adds it will seek “judicial  protection” against all responsible persons – whatever this means.

Alongside with the impressive shots, it is also impressive how nobody from the church personnel noticed the song and the dance as such filming normally requires time, staff and equipment.

It is not only the Metropolis that is angry at Rick Ross. The whole community seems to be angry for filming locals and use their faces in the video clip without their permission. “Families are angry because grannies and other locals were filmed and they are shown in the video without their permission,” a local told ANT1 TV on Saturday evening. “They came in our village and filmed us without our permission,” another one said. Also the Mayor “condemned” the filming without permission.

With its emblematic natural and human-made scenery, Santorini has been a favorite target of advertisers  and probably also VIPs who want to claim  “I was there before I die.”

However, Santorini’s churches seem to have recently fallen victim by those who do not respect either the cultural heritage of a country nor the religious sentiment of millions of Greek Orthodox.

Beginning of the month, outrage broke out when it was discovered that cheap supermarket chain LIDL had erased through photoshop the crosses of the Churches on an landmark scenery from Santorini from food packaging.

The food packaging with the mutated Churches were and are still sold in LIDL supermarkets in Belgium, UK, France, the Netherlands and some Latin America countries.

Hallelujah #NOT

PS As Rick Ross’s “niggas” are hardly Greek Orthodox, the clip production could start shooting  interiors from some local church in US  before it is legally obliged to have image holes in the video clip. #justsaying

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