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69-year-old US national missing on the island of Tinos

A 69-year-old American citizen who has been living on the island of Tinos in the Cyclades group in the Aegean sea has been missing since November 19th 2017.

According to local media, Bob Meyer has been missing since Sunday noon, Nov 19th. He was last seeing in Agios Fokas village where he has been living in the last years together with his wife.

He was driving a light blue Hyundai Getz with plates <ΕΜΖ9231>.

In a post uploaded on Nov 20, local news website urged its readers on Nov 20 to contact the local police station if they had any information about the “mysterious” case.

On Nov 24th, the news website reported in a new post that the rescue service EMAK of the Greek Fire Brigades has deployed a force incl. a search dog to assist  local police and fire service in the search operation for the missing man.

Bob Meyer is a retired employe from the banking sector. He has been permanently living on the island of Tinos together with his wife who is also a US national.

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