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Popular singer Dionysiou, Parliament employee arrested for trying to violate security measures

Popular singer Stelios Dionysiouand one Parliament employee have been arrested in the last 24 hours in downtown Athens for trying to pass through streets police had closed to traffic. Reason for the temporary closure were security measures due to the visit of the Israeli president in Athens.

Stelios Dionysiou was arrested in Ambelokipoi district of downtown Athens on Tuesday when he tried to bypass a road that was closed to traffic for security reasons. Furthermore, the singer has alleged injured a traffic policeman with his car.

Dionysiou was arrested  Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Vasilissis Sofias with Dorilau Street, where the Traffic Police had temporarily closed the road for the convoy of Israeli president Rueven Rivlin.

The singer reportedly attempted to go through by cutting the police ribbon. He allegedly quarreled with police officers and injured the hand of a traffic policeman with the mirror of his car as he was trying to drive through the forbidden area.

He was arrested on the spot and taken to the police station of the area where he spent the night.

On Wednesday his lawyer stated that the singer was feeling not well and he was trying to get to a nearby hospital.

The traffic policeman had meanwhile filed a lawsuit against Dionysiou. After the incident the policeman had sought first aid treatment in a local hospital.

Appearing before the prosecutor on Wednesday, Stelios Dionyssiou told reporters that there was no physical harm and that he had only a verbal dispute with the police officer. He said he was not feeling well and was trying to reach a hospital due to respiratory problems.

The prosecutor raised three misdemeanors charges against the singer: insult, dangerous body injury and disobedience.

The policeman’s lawyer had asked a “manly apology” from the singer. Dionysiou apologized but had already filed a lawsuit against the traffic policeman.

The singer will be tried on Friday.

The chairman of the Police Union of East Attica, Giorgos Kaliakmanis, told media “Some think think that because they are recognizable they can do whatever they want. They may not obey laws and rules.”

Stelios Dionysiou is the son of famous Greek singer Stratos Dionysiou.

Meanwhile, another incident took place on Wed more or less for the same reason: an employee at the Greek Parliament reportedly tried to pass through an area that was closed to traffic in order to reach the parking of her workplace. Police officers told her it was not possible due to temporary security measures, she allegedly started to shout  at the policemen who arrested her and took her to the police station of Syntagma. Police claimed that she had also broken the police cordons. One of the policemen filed a lawsuit against her for “insulting.”

Security measures were high around Syntagma Sq on Wed morning as the Israeli president was about to leave the Hotel where he has been staying since Sunday.

PS OK, Athenians may be at the end of their patience with presidents driving up and down the city but that policemen filing lawsuits against citizens is a new practice.

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  1. Are the guys with the guns learning the new cool victim language?…or were they inspired on this occasion by Israel’s <> policy. Most likely the latter – since they all went through special training last year with the Israeli police!

  2. was supposed to read ‘Lawfare’.

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