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Greek Scientists disprove NASA on Alien discovery: Athens residents breathe Arsenic and they are still alive!

Do you remember the Hollies’ song “All I need is the air that I breathe… and to love you” ? Reading the shocking report about the composition of  the atmospheric air in Athens, I propose you stick to love and get an oxygen mask! Then the air that we breathe day-in …

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The Revolt of the Greek Ashtrays: Shopkeepers ignore smoking ban!

Greek ashtrays are coming back as of today! The Association of the Shopkeepers have decided to heroically ignore  the smoking ban on public enclosed places and put back ashtrays where they belong! On the tables! Restaurant-, cafeterias-, tavernas- and bar owners are angry at the smoking ban imposed by the government. …

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Greeks still resist smoking ban

I got on a taxi recently. We had just drove a couple of meters when the driver asked my permission to smoke: “May I?” he asked, while he had already pulled a cigarette out of the box showing it to me. “Ehrrr.. I am a smoker, too”, I replied, “but …

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Greece bans Smoke but not Smog

You are a smoker. A moderate or a heavy smoker. You puff your cigarettes everywhere. At work. In  bar. At a coffee shop. In hotel lobby. In the restaurant. Your favorite series was “Mad Men” because it showed the early 60’s when smoking wasn’t a crime but it added to the prestige …

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Breathless in Athens: How much Smog can I take?

 Thousand invisible particles of photochemical smog started invading tentatively my study through the half open window. Millions of sneaky particles  flew in the ether and dragged in the spacious room. They make themselves comfortable of the floor, the couch and the chairs, anything movable and immovable, my office desk. I didn’t …

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