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Greek Teenager Arrested for “Cracking” Interpol & FBI websites

An 18-year-old Greek “cracker” has been arrested by Cyber Crime police after a warrant of Interpol. The cyber-genius youngster had managed to “crack”  the Interpol website at the age of 15,5  while a year later he went deep into the FBI website, destroying archives and other important files. The ‘cracker’ …

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Public Prosecutor for Hoax e-mail about Greek debt restructure

The economic situation in Greece is very fragile amid a storm of  debt restructuring speculations and pressure. No wonder that a ‘false news’, a spam e-mail spreading rumors is able to create turbulence. Of course, the question is: Can a hoax e-mail drive the Athens Stock Exchange down and  the …

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Five targetted by Cyber-Police on hoax e-mail claiming collapse of economy

 A fisherman from Messolonghi, a car worker from Chania, a self-employed from Athens and two other unidentified persons are targeted by the cyber-crime police as the senders of the hoax e-mail claiming the collapse of the Greek economy. The e-mail that was apparently sent simultaneously from internet cafes across the …

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Cyber-Crime Police hunts e-mail sender on Greek economy

Greek Cyber-Crime police is on the electornic traces of a man who sent e-mails claiming the collapse of Greece’s economy and the return to the Drachma. According to Electronic Crime Department of the police (ELAS), the e-mail sender is a 45 years old man, a self-employed, who sent the e-mail containing false information …

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Greek Firm say CO2 emissions permits stolen by hackers

Remember our “Greek Hackers steal emissions rights” story? It seems they weren’t very Greek, in fact it seems they weren’t Greek at all, but a Romania-based criminal ring. I had read on a Greek portal about the ‘Romanian-connection’ but the report wasn’t clear or I was too stupid to understand (and …

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