Thursday , January 18 2018
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EU in need of Democracy Reform: Serving the people vs Serving economic interest

I suppose the following article is also an explanation on how the European Union corrupts national politicians – or better say: allows national politicians to corrupt their own citizens in order that the latter support the rotten system in Brussels. How? By using European taxpayers’ money for the famous EU …

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Economist: Troika is the 3-headed monster trapping countries in economic underworld

It looks as if slowly thε international community starts to realize that the grip of Troika’s imposed austerity leads to nowhere. Or better say: strict and merciless austerity leads right to the sharp teeth of a monster eating our flesh, to paraphrase the article “The euro’s hellhound -It is time …

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Greek Insurers lash out at IKA manager – Pensioners fight against each other (video)

Tension prevailed this morning with aging pensioners fighting against each other and other insurers lashing out at the general manager of  Greece’s biggest Social Security Fund, IKA. Rovertos Spyropoulos made an inspection visit at the Nea Ionia branch, a suburb in western Athens, but the people standing long queues started to shout at him. …

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Total Collapse in Greece’s Health System

Greece’s health systems suffered today the total collapse, when thousands IKA insurers sought a physician from alternative health funds, the lists of physicians were not updated, doctors and pharmacists refused to comply with the new system and  disputed angrily with health ministry officials on the televisions screens. A general strike of IKA, hospital and …

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Greece: 5,5 m IKA-Insurers Hunt 30,000 Doctors (Doctor’s Lists links)

This is the total Black Out in Greece’s Health System. An unbelievable and awkward situation, as doctors and pharmacists strike and IKA has new regulations allowing insurers to seek doctors assigned to other health foundations. Greece’s biggest state Health Insurance Foundation IKA has decided to allow its insurers to seek physicians assigned …

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