Saturday , June 24 2017
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Athens: Greece’s Euro-partners will bless next bailout tranche

Greece’s lenders seem in general satisfied with the outcome of the multi-bill voting on Sunday night. The impact of voting to Greeks’ EU partners was immense. For example, one of the fierce critics of debt-ridden Greece, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble immediately declared, he felt …relaxed. German Finance Minister Wolfgang …

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Bailout tranche balckmail: Troika wants 25K lay-offs from Greek public sector

Every two-three months the same procedure… Greece’s lenders increase pressure on the government of the debt-ridden country that hesitates to proceed with the Troika’s demands. This time the issue of lay-offs in the public sector lays high on the negotiation table. Greek media report, that the Troika gave a very clear …

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UBS Deeply Worried Greece’s Lenders May Not Give Next Payment

 It’s not only Greeks worrying about the outcome of the May-6 elections. Lenders, investors and banks cannot hide their fears either. However the concerns of Greeks and markets stand diametrically opposite to each other. While more than 60% of Greeks worry they may get another PASOK-Nea Dimocratia government, the money sector …

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