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Greece reaches deal with creditors: “Now negotiations for debt relief,” says Tsakalotos

From Monday afternoon till Tuesday dawn of Tuesday, Greek government and creditors’ representatives sat in Hilton hotel for the fine touch on outstanding issues. The results is an additional austerity measures package without extra financing. This practically means a two-year extension of the bailout agreement Greece and the European creditors …

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Athens: Greece’s Euro-partners will bless next bailout tranche

Greece’s lenders seem in general satisfied with the outcome of the multi-bill voting on Sunday night. The impact of voting to Greeks’ EU partners was immense. For example, one of the fierce critics of debt-ridden Greece, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble immediately declared, he felt …relaxed. German Finance Minister Wolfgang …

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Bailout tranche balckmail: Troika wants 25K lay-offs from Greek public sector

Every two-three months the same procedure… Greece’s lenders increase pressure on the government of the debt-ridden country that hesitates to proceed with the Troika’s demands. This time the issue of lay-offs in the public sector lays high on the negotiation table. Greek media report, that the Troika gave a very clear …

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UBS Deeply Worried Greece’s Lenders May Not Give Next Payment

 It’s not only Greeks worrying about the outcome of the May-6 elections. Lenders, investors and banks cannot hide their fears either. However the concerns of Greeks and markets stand diametrically opposite to each other. While more than 60% of Greeks worry they may get another PASOK-Nea Dimocratia government, the money sector …

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