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Greeks evacuated from Libya report about the chaos

230 Greeks have been evacuated from Libya with three C-130 and two ships. Among the rescued is a employee at the Greek embassy in Tripoli, who got shot on the shoulder and the leg while driving through the streets of Tripoli.  However there are still 10 Greeks enclosed in the Sahara dessert at a construction site near the town of Jialo (?).

The evacuees arrived late last night at the Athens airport and fell with an immense relief into the arms of their beloved ones.

Greeks witnessed the chaos

With faces marked from hardship, anxiety and distress the evacuees described the hours of agony they experienced trying to leave the country that has sunk into chaos and state terrorism.

A man said that there were some “5,000-6,000 people at the airport trying to flee Libya and that security forces were beating people with sticks.”

Another man spoke of  the last hours he spent in Benghazi reporting of “an ongoing shooting, blocked roads and a state that is collapsing.” A third guy reported that “state security personnel was stopping cars and taking people out of their cars.”

Many evacuees complained about the Greek embassy in Tripoli that was apparently unable to help and coordinate the evacuation operation.

Greeks Still Enclosed

The Greeks enclosed in the dessert have called the media this morning asking for help and urging the Greek state to send a C-130 at a local airport.  Ten Greeks, 20 Greek-Cypriots, 38 Europeans, a total 270 people are  trapped at a construction site. They complained for lack of food and other important supplies.

Efforts are on the way by the Greek foreign ministry to evacuate these people.

Video: Hugs for the evacuees at the Athens airport

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