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Greece – Libya: How many Belgian F-16 are in Araxos Air base?

Belgian European Affairs Minister Olivier Chastel said Friday that “Belgium has six F-16 stationed in Greece”. Now Greek General Staff sources claim that “Belgium has eight F-16 sstationed in Greece” Furthermore the Greek  military sources felt the need to explain how the Belgian F-16 came to Greece. Greek news portals quote the source as saying: “
“They arrived here for training purposes last week. When the French operations began, the pilots were instructed to remain in Araxos and wait for orders as to whether to participate in operations against Libya either from Greece or from neighboring Italy.” 
It doesn’t matter after all how many Belgian F-16 are here, I am just wondering why all the need for explanation. It looks as if the F-16 arrived 2-3 days ago. Apart form the fact that the Radio Netherlands International said that F-16 were supposed to train with the Belgian F-16 but have not arrived yet. Or have they? Whatever…

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