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What’s Up in Greece on March 22?

The  use of military air base at Souda Bay from coalition forces against Libya and the cross of Greek economy is up in Greece today. Several citizens are certainly up and thus from early in the morning to protect their interests. For example, pensioners from Agioi Anargyroi suburb of Athens protest since 7 am outside the Health Ministry the closing down of the social security IKA branch in their area. The deputy minister promised them to look at their demand – as usual.

Temporary municipality workers have occupied Athens Municipality. The demand contracts for 800 workers.

Public and private sector labor unions , ADEDY and GSEE, will hold a rally at 6 pm in Athens downtown today, at Kalthmonos square. They protest the upcoming agreement for the so called Euro Pact or else Competitiveness Agreement. the decision will be taken at the European Union leaders summit on March 24/25 in Brussels.

At the same time under the pressure of IMF/EU memorandum Greek government schedules several changes, – they call them ‘reforms’ – and new cuts on social benefits and wages are on the way. Of course, the plans are still in planning process and nothing is official yet.  The problem is that Greece has to come up with at least 25 billion euros 2011-2015 and they will come out of our already empty pockets. There are plans for privatisation of state-run enterprises and exploitation/utilization of state properties and real estate. They are still to be announced.

Here I have to make a confession: There are so many laws, bills, reforms… complementary, additional, modifying…  that I have lost control of what is going on. All this legislation frenzy that starts with a broader spectrum bill and ends with  small scale additional  mini bills tends to rather restructure my mind than the state. It also challenges my journalist experience. So much chaos I have never seen before in my life.

I believe Greece is waiting for the EU summit to seal the loan repayment extension and the decrease of loan interest rates and it will step on the gas pedal afterwards.

80% of Greekssaid in a survey they don’t plan to buy a house/flat or summer house in the next three years. This is due to three reasons: 1) prices are still high 2) people have no money 3)banks don’t give loans.

A man, constructor, 54, set him self on firein Chania, Crete. According to local media. the father of two had severe economic problems. Two-three sentences in the media can not unfold the drama  thousands of  Greek families live in nowadays.

We have hit the bottom although the barrelwe are in seems to have multiple bottoms. We will fall from one bottomless level to next level like in that awesome film Inception. In dreams you wake up before the fatal disaster, in reality?

A big number of foxes were found poisoned in Domokos and Farsala area. Animal abuse in Greece really makes me sick.

Greek authorities are withdrawing Chinese product Guilin Rice Vermicelli- Mount Elephant, packages of 400 g, code 7420. The killer vermicellis contain not permitted genetically modified substances. If you have bought some, throw them away. To tell you the truth i am very suspicious about the ‘safety guilines’ of products made in China, anyway.

There is a illegal immigrants drama going on off shore of Corfu. Some 150 people are sitting on a water leaking boat. Coastal guards have rushed ot their aid.

Theft and buglary are high on the agenda of Greece and the stolen items are getting more and more absurd. In Andravida, thieves stole the system of automatic garden watering from a nursery school – 100 meters of  hose included. I read somewhere that even a Pokemon was stolen.

Even my cat looks ugly today…

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