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Greek Surgeon detained for 500 euro “Fakelaki”

A state hospital surgeon was arrested Monday afternoon in Thessaloniki and is to be charged with ‘ passive corruption” for taking 500 euros for a surgery. According to a complain filed by a patient’s wife the surgeon had demanded 500 euro ‘fakelaki’ in order to operate her husbands. The wife had informed the authorities that set a trap and marked the euro banknotes. The surgeon was caught in action. 

The habit of putting money in an envelope and pay state physicians is a common practice in Greece and is called ‘fakelaki’ (Engl. ‘small envelope’).

Last week the Financial Crime department of the police had caught two doctors, who had declared for years an income of 50,000-60,000 euros but they had assets of two to three million euros.
Greece’s Finance Ministry struggles to get revenues and it seems unable to combat tax evasion. Moreover it seems impossible to change the tax evasion mentality. Maybe the Greek government should think about an information campaign and give good reasons why taxes should not be evaded… Pay taxes just for the shake for the paying back the huge Greek debt without any social and political justice is not quite convincing for many Greeks.

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  1. Margaret Radcliffe

    I think the Greek Government might have fewer people avoiding paying tax if they made it easier to provide a service without having to start a full “business” there appears to be nothing here in between that and being an employee….Many people in the UK are “Self employed” and the system is easy and fair with tax the same as if employed and Insurance based on profit. I;m sure if they introduced something like that here people would be more likely to become legal and there would be less “black” money!

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    that’s very true! bureaucracy is killing the business spirit in Greece. And Iam tired to hear “we are going to change this” and nothing happens. Where did these plans go under? It was greatly announced last autumn and we are still waiting.