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Greece revokes all permissions to Italian research vessel due to EEZ

Greece refused to give permission to Italian oceanic  vessel Explora after it sought permission from Turkey to research in areas covered by the Greek continental shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Research vessel Explora has been operating in the sea area south of Kastellorizo island for a marine survey towing a sonar cable between Italy and Israel.
After Athens found out that the Explora had obtained permission from Turkish authorities as well, it revoked all licences and permission, including maritime research work south of the Peloponnese.
According to information given by National Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos, the shipping company of the Italian ship Explora, had sought permission no only from the Greek but also from the Turkish authorities for research in areas covered by the Greek continental shelf and EEZ!  The Vessel was planning to make maritime research for towing sonar cables between Bari, Italy and Tel Aviv, Israel.

On March 12 the Italian ship was prevented in its research by a Turkish frigate and was asked to suspend its works. The shipping company informed the Greek authorities per e-mail on the issue.

The Greek side sent the frigate Themistoclis in the area and the Greek Foreign Ministry asked the Italian side not to request a Turkish permission.

However the Italians thought they know better and did indeed sought Ankara’s permission to research in Greek waters. The Greeks revoked all research permissions, including those for other areas like the south of the Peloponnese.
Now the Italians can lay long spaghetti between Bari and Tel Aviv for a tasteful Pasta Marinara. Kosher, right?

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  1. You sound sure that you know it was due to them asking the turkish?

    They don’t have much going for it these days, but they do have the right as
    do other nations do, reject others the right to be in their waters and I say
    good for them.