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Greek PM: Think positive! Hallelujahhhhh

Just as I was thinking to consult a psychotherapist to cure me from the deep economic depression, our Prime minister George Papandreou offered me this service free of charge. Well, not exactly ‘free of charge’, if you consider how much money we pay to maintain the state apparatus and pay back a huge debt. Anyway, the Prime Minister was speaking to young farmers and told them to be optimist!

“There is a climate of pessimism cultivated, that we can’t make it. However we managed not to go bankrupt.”

The prime minister praised the young farmers for their innovative ideas and their efforts to create an atmosphere of optimism. “I congratulate you because you bring development,” he said and urged all citizens to take the situation in their hands.

Reading, translating and writing this inspiring words I don’t understand why I have started crying. And deep inside me I feel like grabbing a bag full of pop corn or full of tomatoes. I can’t decide which one is craving me more…


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